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servisna oprema, d.o.o.
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SI-1236 Trzin, Slovenia

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In todays quick pace of life and in age of technology, that monitors as and our parties in todays vehicles, is suitable and well maintained equipment of service workshop a decisive meaning for successful service business.

We walk heavily in too large or to small shoes. If they arent made from real material then we get cold or they leave water. It is the same with diagnostic and remaining service equipment. In a hurry bought and uncontrolled diagnostic device from most field persistent representative can become a nightmlare, because it isnt fulfilling our anticipations and it is also causing dissatisfaction at the same time to mechanics and to customers.

When we decide to purchase a new or used service equipment it is necessary to consider a few criterions: from suitability of device considering the real demand to the reasonable price. Every device must have also suitable service, spare parts, perhaps also possibility to rent other suitable device for the time of repairing, technical help if we need her and above all professionally educated serviser and sales adviser.

We long for, that you trust as your current needs for service equipment or only needs for maintenance of exsistent service equipment and your concering plans investments into service equipment. That is why we beg you, that you call us or write us your intervene informations.

Aleksander Presekar, director
PRESEKAR, Servisna oprema, d.o.o.


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