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Tool storage systems

Workshop equipment and tool storage systems planning:





There is no successful service without modern equipment

"Isn't a workshop trolley enough?" Unfortunately, many service owners still think in this way. They believe that a cheap trolley with a few basic tools is all they need to run their own service..

Soon enough, their trolley becomes a storage area for tools that should be in their drawers, spare parts for a car being repaired, oil containers, oily cloths, and other indispensable items found in the car workshop.

Have you ever wondered how much time you spend each day searching for wrenches, spare parts, screws, cables, diagnostic interfaces etc.? If you multiply this time by the price of your working time, and multiply it again by the number of workshop workers in the workshop, you might be in for an unpleasant surprise.

Poor workplace organization could be your biggest loss. If you do not believe me, buy a chess clock and press the button every time you need to search for an item that is not in its expected location. Would you dare make that measurement?

For example: the service provider does not know where to find the torx25 and searches for the missing wrench. He finds it, but then does not have the appropriate extender and needs to search for that too, and so on. This can easily consume an hour a day, just because tools are not in their place.

One hour lost per day × EUR 45 (which is the real price of the working hours) × 220 working days is a gross of EUR 9,900 per year. A figure like that is bound to make you think.

Adding to this is the fact that there are four service technicians in the workshop, who each spend an hour of their time every day searching for things that should be in their place; this puts the figure at a whopping 39,600 EUR per year.

Are you worried yet?

No service will earn you money in a simpler way than the proper organization of your workspace. The above figures do not even count the number of less commonly sold spare parts, the lower efficiency of the work, and how all these small interruptions have a negative impact on the continuity of work.

But that's not all. You did not just lose a lot of money. You've lost much more. Don't believe it?

An organized workshop with clean workspaces gives the customers confidence and leaves them with a good impression. A tidy environment is an indicator of your excellence and significantly affects customer confidence. The price of the service may be one of the main criteria by which customers decide where to take their vehicle for service, but a customer's trust is even more important. I read somewhere that 75% of purchases are made on the basis of trust.

And even that is not all. The latest research proves the importance of the relationship between the customer and the service provider, especially in cases of long-lasting relationships based on trust. The customer must trust the service provider. If the workshop is to keep pace with the times, it must acquire customer confidence, which lasts much longer than the time the vehicle is under warranty. The loss of each customer means a loss of income.

EXAMPLES of workshop equipment:

The proper organization of the working environment is ensured through the proper planning of the workshop and its furniture. The modular construction of workshop furniture makes it possible to purchase additional elements when and if necessary.

A good layout of the workshop also has a positive effect on the atmosphere among employees. In a clean workshop and in an organized environment, people tend to be neater and care more about order and cleanliness. When they finish their work, they are willing to put the tools away in the right place, so that they can begin their work smoothly the next day.

A nice looking workshop, a clean and pleasant working environment, the trust of workers and clients in the workshop; all of these are small aspects that can ultimately give more added value to your workshop. In contrast, unwise savings in the purchase of equipment mean lower working hour rates and a red number on the balance sheet.

Every hour lost is gone forever. Set a mirror for yourself and measure today's lost time. Perhaps it is time for some new equipment?

Aleksander Presekar
Director and owner company PRESEKAR, Servisna oprema, d.o.o.

Photos: DEA